Austen Gordon in art studio

New Collection - August 2023

S A V E . T H E . D A T E

I've been (very) slowly working on a new collection and it's starting to come together beautifully!

My inspiration for this collection of paintings comes from the traditional style of botanical illustration, the obsessive cataloguing and documenting of the natural world, the neat rows of pinned creatures under the collectors lamp, pulled out from the archives. Here, the subjects are set against a deep, almost velvety background, as if they have emerged from a hidden world...

In August I will host a showing of my new collection for a few days only and I want you to be there ๐Ÿงกย 

When: 3 - 7 August, 2023
Where: The Ladder, 136 Bree Street, Cape Town

Stay tuned for the opening time!ย 

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