Hello 2022!

Hello 2022!

It’s 2022!🎊 Time to set nigh impossible resolutions & fail spectacularly. It's tradition! 😎

I have a big goal this year - the growth of my creative studio.

Some of you know that I want to make art a sustainable career & 2022 I am giving more – more time & mental capacity. I have been able to carve out precious hours from my day job (thank you, boss) & will be using them in practise. These hours come with a cost💸, but I am viewing the change as more fuel for my fire! 🔥

This year:
🎨 I’ll be in my little home studio more, immersing myself in work, growing skills & refining my creative voice. I am taking online classes & I’m looking for an excellent private teacher (any recommendations in Cpt?) I have an exhibition scheduled at The Ladder Cafe & several collections, & Studio releases planned... 

🎨I’ll be doing a 52 WEEK ART PROJECT!🤩 Each week I will make a small finished painting/drawing & post it here. There will be themes & I plan to use this project to play with different styles & techniques. I’ll post each Tues here but you can get early access via my newsletter. I love a challenge & can’t wait to mark my progress! #52weekartproject

🎨 I am making hand-made, small batch CERAMIC BABIES! I have been working on this for months & I can't wait to share them with you! They are so darn adorable, I can't get over them

🎨Sunday Sketchclub is back! I have mapped out 52 creative sessions for each Sunday this year & I hope my club members are just as excited as I am.✏️ Sessions are virtual & we use this time to form creative habits, lean into practise, hone our skills & just hang out. DM me to join #sundaysketchclub

🎨Art Prints & Posters incoming! Look out for selected Art Prints (limited editions) & Poster prints from my collections & studio releases this year... P.S the first print run is happening *soon*

📧I have a mailer! Stay up to date with all the good things happening by signing up. Newsletter perks = early access, discounts, exclusive items & more...😎

So that's it. That's me for 2022. 

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